Y-DNA Testing and the Allday and Audley Connection

Y-DNA Testing sometimes proves a glitch such as a name change, adoption spelling variations or some other non-paternal event (NPE) from which occured decades or maybe even centuries back. Think of Y-DNA as a Paternal Test that goes back centuries. For example, Audley is a totally different internationally recognized surname than the Allday name, but there is at least one Audley branch that overlaps the Allday Y-DNA in Birmingham, England. Therefore, many Audley men match other Audley men but one branch has been proven to also match Allday. Mr. Brian Audley runs the Guild of One-Name Studies for the Audley Surname and he asked me to include a link to his Audley Website which shows this particular Allday-Audley connection. If you are interested in this Audley family connection, particularly if your line is specific to the Birmingham, England area, take a look at his Audley-Allday page and consider taking the Y-DNA test at www.FamilyTreeDNA.com to prove whether or not you match this particular family. The Audley-Allday link is Audley-Allday Link (Click Here)

Take the Y-DNA Test at FamilyTreeDNA (Click Here)

Visit Brian's Allday-Audley Website Here (Click Here)

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