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While it is true that every Allday / Alday has merit and I am sure there are many fantastic stories all around that is we should learn and incorporate here, there are some that certainly come to mind quickly and should be discussed, as it is this history that might be explored further by as many Allday / Alday men taking the Y-DNA test (Y-37 or higher) to uncover some of the descendent's of these men, particularly the EXPLORERS such as Captain James Alday and William Allday of Birmingham and London England who so many vintage cars is named after.

King Niall of the Nine Hostages - Ireland

Y-DNA (direct male to male DNA) has already proven that my Allday / Alday line descends from a common male ancestor of King Niall from Northwestern Ireland in late 4th century C.E. The descendent's of Niall was the Ui Neil Dynasty and DNA suggests they did trace back to one man with the R-M269 haplogroup. Because of his patriarchal society, it's estimates that 2 or 3 million men with roots to NW Ireland are paternal line ancestors of Niall. They call him Niall of the Nine Hostages because of his method of authority that imprisoned 9 hostages (one from each of 9 districts) from the territory he governed over. Because of Y-DNA, we also know that the dominate Allday line in the USA shares a male ancestor with Niall and we also know that at least one male in Brazil is a descendent of this line too.

William Allday - Allday & Onions LTD (maker of vintage cars etc), Birmingham/London England

In 1889, William Allday of William Allday & Co joined up with John Onion of the long established Onions (formed by John Onions in 1650) and therefore becoming "Allday & Onions Ltd", they became well known for their engineering and blacksmithing equipment, they manufactured bicycles, motor lorries, motorcycles, cars, vans, trains and in 1858, their first automobile called the Traveler. There was even an Alldays General Purpose Tractor, built in 1917-1918. In fact, there were so many things that were manufactured by Allday and Allday & Onions, that it would take an entire website dedicated only to them to showcase all of the photos and information. No doubt, the company is a very important part of England's history. Whether you needed a fan, a furnace or some type of industrial equipment, Allday was there with the big ticket item that you needed. We know they were based out of both Birmingham and London, so the more London and Birmingham Alldays who take the FamilyTreeDNA - Y-DNA (Y-37 or Y-67 or Y-111) test, the better. It would be especially amusing if someone in William's direct line took the test - or, at least in the direct line of an uncle or grandparent of William. It is my understanding there is was for years an Allday & Onions café in Bennington, VT but I've heard rumors of its closure.

Captain James Alday, born 1516

Captain James Alday 1516 in England and was a 16th-century explorer, ship navigator and privateer who claimed to have organized the earliest known voyage to the Barbary coast, therefore was the first proprietor of Barbary trade in which many more would follow. He however, fell ill and the voyage fell apart allowing another expedition to beat him there in 1551. Others disputed his claim because they did not like him, saying he was a ship captain who boarded on being a pirate. James was a Dartmouth skipper from southern England near the River Dart. Alday said he and the others had the "sweating sickness" and he was the only survivor. He later joined with Martin Frobisher in a 1576 voyage to search for the Northwest Passage and it was a very high risk voyage and everyone knew it at the time. He risked his life there and many say he lost it because his name did not appear on the list of surviving mariners who returned. He could have died on another mission to Greenland on behalf of King Frederik II in 1579, and he is attributed as the likely author of the oldest German manual of navigation which was published in Lübeck in 1578.

John Alday, floruit 1579

John Alday was an English translator of semi-philosophical and classical works during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England. One of the chief works he's known for translating is a couple of French works entitled "Theatrum Mundi, the Theatre or rule of the worlde." Joseph Ritson included John Alday among the English poets of the 16th century. Speaking and writing in French and English, there were a number of other French works accredited to John Alday (also spelled John Allday) from that time period, included in libraries and museums around the world. Some of his works were published in London, England and to this day, there are still a number of Allday / Alday men in and around London.

Gene Alday

Gene Alday was an American Republican politician and member of Mississippi House of Representatives in the 25th district. He had also been mayor of Walls, Mississippi which is located in the northwest corner of the state. He is known for some controversial statements made in the past when he opposed increasing funding for education because he felt the money would be wasted.

Santiago Manuel de Alday y Aspée

Santiago Manuel de Alday was considered one of the most important and influential Chilean Roman Catholic Bishops in Santiago, Chile of the 18th century. Alday was born in 1712 in Conception, Chile and in old age, died in Santiago. He was a bishop for over 30 years and very outspoken on polemics and moral issues. He traveled extensively and founded San Lazaro (1775) and founded many parishes across Chile such as Copiapó and Cuyo and in more distant areas, Paredones (1765), Combarbalá (1757), Pelarco (1787) and Renca (1764). Alday also organized a diocesan synod in 1763. And, Alday is accredited for owning one of the largest libraries during the colonial era of Chile, having amassed over 2,000 volumes which are preserved in the Museum of Carmen de Maipú. Because of Alday's extensive travels, it would be good to see some volunteer Y-DNA testers from these parts of Chile to see what turns up.

Iñaki Alday

Iñaki Alday is Dean, Richard Koch School of Architecture, Master of Architecture, and founder of aldayjover architecture and landscape. He is an international success in his business, having a global mindset and beautiful projects around the world. One could only speculate if Iñaki is in the same line as all of the other Alldays / Aldays spread across from Virginia to the upper Midwest and the Southern United States.

José Alday (also known as"EL POCHITO")

José Alday, better known as "EL POCHITO", is a pro MMA fighter out of Mexico and the 36th ranked Men's Bantamweight in the United States. He was one of the guys who grew of in the United States, wasn't a citizen, and was voluntarily deported back to Mexico where he struggled to adjust to the Mexican way of life and didn't even speak the lanquage well. Locals jokingly called him El Pochito which he didn't like at first, but it grew on him and in his life, looking for some direction, he joined a local gym and signed up for MMA and his success later would take him pro. He was and is successful and the moniker El Pochito stayed with him. Wouldn't it be great if José Alday or a male relative joined the Allday/Alday Y-DNA project?

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Allday / Alday Stories

The Alday Massacre of Georgia

In Donalson, Seminole County, Georgia, year 1973, a tragedy unfolded. Violent inmates had escaped the prison and committed the most violent massacre since 1887. They spotted a gas station pump on the Alday farm and needed gas, supplies and money for their escape. Even the Governor Jimmy Carter, who later would become President of the United States, called the massacre "the most heinous crime in Georgia." These escaped prison convicts slaughtered the entire family - Ned, Jimmy, Jerry, Mary, Chest and Aubrey Alday. They ended up stealing Mary Alday's vehicle and abandoned it in Alabama when they stole another one, making their way to West Virginia where they were captured and connected with the crimes that occurred in Georgia. The ringleader Carl Isaacs received the death penalty and was executed in 2003 in Jackson, Georgia. His pleas and appeals, all denied, went all the way to the Supreme Court. The others died in jail. The last remaining killer Wayne Coleman, as of 2016, is still incarcerated.

A story line so horrific, that an actual book named Blood Echos by Thomas H. Cook was written about it. Another book, named Going to Jackson by Janice Daugharty was also written. A fictionalized horror movie named Murder One was released in 1988 and starred Henry Thomas, the actor made famous by his role in the movie ET.

Here is a link with more information including how to purchase the book.

Alday Murders
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